You reported a defect.

We hate dents and scratches, our biggest enemies. Our production team has carefully manufactured the products, they were inspected and inspected again by a co-worker and we are sure our products left the factory without any defects. The major cause of defects to our new products is caused in the transportation phase. Although we have tested our packaging method, it cannot withstand extreme handling and so when things can go wrong, they will go wrong.

Our first order of business, in case of a defect, is to replace the product and to minimize the inconvenience to the customer. Thereafter we will have a conversation with all persons and organizations involved in the link from factory to consumer.  Making mistakes is human, not learning from your mistakes is an extreme form of stupidity.

So what is our procedure in case you are the unlucky receiver of a damaged product:

  1. We want you to complete the installation, so the customer at least has a functioning product, and you inform the customer that we will offer them a proper solution, most likely a full replacement, but you need to confer with Pastoe first. Only when the cabinet is very large, or hard to install we will consider a repair on location.

  1. We will ask you to fill out a report for which we will send you a form (attached with a link to this email), so we can claim the defect to the insurance company involved. We will help you by phone if requested. These are important elements to report:

  • Who you are.

  • How and when you discovered the defect

  • The condition of the package and the way you accepted the package

  • Where, as far as you know, the defect occurred

  • Who you think is responsible

  • What you think the best solution is to resolve the issue, maybe there is a better idea than full replacement or is the situation such that replacement is not practical.

  • Pictures of the defect and (very importantly) pictures of the packages and any damages to the package.

  • Pictures of the shipping documents with the right dates and numbers.

(We know it is a lot of work, but it helps us to recover part of our costs and to adjusted our procedures to avoid future problems).

  1. As soon as you report a defect, we will start the production of the replacement. As soon as the replacement arrives, you install the replacement and use the packaging material to pack the damaged product. You will use the information provided on our website and with the replacement to order our pickup service. Please leave the damaged cabinet at your store or storage facility. The transport of the cabinet is at our cost.

  1. You will receive an invoice for the replacement, that invoice is only payable if and when the damaged cabinet is not returned to Pastoe within 3 months after the arrival of the replacement. If you decide to sell the product at a reduced price, we will jointly agree to the proper price of the product and we will send you a credit invoice for the difference.

We hope that this procedure minimizes the costs to you and it will help us to discuss the incident with the suppliers involved and improve our services and take better precautions.