Our team is well trained and has already installed many cabinets. They are good boys and girls and always get a high rating. They work best when everyone sticks to the Pastoe installation rules, which we would like to share with you:

When we make an appointment for the installation, we ask you to tell us everything that is important for a successful project. What we want to know is:

  • that the wall is made of stone or concrete on which the cupboard is mounted. For other materials, special hanging methods and materials are needed and we need to know that immediately. With some walls (plasterboard) installation is a big challenge or even impossible.

  • whether we have to take into account electrical outlets and other obstacles while mounting

  • that the place where the cupboard will be placed is easy to reach. That the lift is big enough and that the staircase is sufficiently spacious to transport the cupboard along

  • whether it is better to deliver the cabinet disassembled.

  • whether you have specified all cable openings in the cabinet.

  • if there are any special wishes, for which extra material or service is needed.

In case of doubt, or if you want to report something, just send an email to service@pastoe.com or call +3130 258 5555. The installation team has to stop the installation if they encounter any of the above mentioned challenges (without it is reported) and will make a report and will carry out the installation another time, and then with the right stuff. This will incur extra costs.

Make sure that the space in front of the cabinet is free and that all equipment involved is switched off and removed.

We will check in advance if there are any damage to the floor or wall, possibly we take pictures, to prevent misunderstandings about the damage that may occur during installation. We repair all damage caused by us.

Before we install we would like to inspect the cabinet with you. Is it satisfactory, do you have comments, do you disapprove? Even if the cabinet is rejected, we want to install the cabinet and then reproduce a completely new cabinet, which we replace as soon as possible. Of course in good consultation with you. This reduces the inconvenience for you.

Sometimes we have to take extra measures, extra constructions, remove plinth, dismantle installation, for which we ask permission in advance and then we offer a quote if extra costs have to be made.

We always do the installation in a day. If we have to suspend the installation a new appointment will be made and we will charge an extra 75 euros for our return.

In principle, we do not connect your equipment in the cabinet, the expertise is lacking, we can help.

At the end of the installation, you sign the delivery note, which means the installation has been completed, and you want to have your comments posted on the receipt. If there is damage, report immediately. Thereafter the warranty period starts, insofar as applicable.

We wish you lots of fun with your new cabinet and appreciate your trust in Pastoe.

The Pastoe team