Sustainability is a continuous process of improvement and adjustment. We are sensitive about our impact on our planet and its inhabitants; humankind and nature. This means we want to know from our suppliers where their materials come from and how they manufacture their products. If there are alternatives of equal quality, we will always choose the green alternative. Our materials come from the direct environment of our factory (The Netherlands and Europe) and do not require long distant transportation. Our assembly process meets all dutch environmental regulations. Recently we added teak veneer to our collection, but only after given the assurance it came from sustainable plantations that meets strict european regulations. We separate the waste in our factory, stimulate our team to life close to the factory and keep searching for ways to decrease waste and limit the use of non-renewable resources.

Our most important sustainability principle is that our products are made for a long life. Pastoe products survive many generations of owners and we offer assistance in the extension of the life cycle of our products by offering spare parts and maintenance support. Therefore our product maintain a high residual value and when economic and ecologic durability coincide, we achieve the best result for our planet and society.