Our collection is the result of over a 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing quality furniture.  We invest daily in a continuous improvement of the assembly process by searching for methods to refine our techniques. We learn from our mistakes and that process never stops. Pastoe furniture is made at our Houten factory in The Netherlands. Our master furniture makers take great care to assemble your furniture. Every part is inspected by hand and no product leaves the factory without the blessing of at least 2 of our craftsmen. You may expect the highest quality from us and do no hesitate to notify us about our mistakes.

Damages can however occur for instance during transport and montage at your home. Notify your Pastoe dealer or us at service@pastoe.com immediately, so we can take action. We want you to be happy with our furniture. Your product is guaranteed for 2 years after purchase against defects. After 2 years we will investigate the cause of a problem and will make you a proposal for repair. 

We offer a lasting care for your furniture. You can always contact us at service@pastoe.com when you need the replacement of a part, or with questions about maintenance.